June 4th, 2012

Falcons Training Camp

The Atlanta Falcons need to work on defense during training camp this year because they aren't very strong on the defensive side. Their cornerbacks and safeties are the main priority. Last year, the Falcons let receivers and tight ends off the routes for catches that gave them a good amount of yards. They have a pretty good defensive line and a strong secondary  of linebackers but could definitely improve.


On the offensive side the Falcons need to work on the offensive line. Half of the time Matt Ryan is under pressure in the pocket because the O-line can't block. A quarterback isn't supposed to feel rushed if the offensive line is blocking.They also need to adjust their passing game a little. It's fairly good but sometimes Matt Ryan doesn't have anybody to pass it to because the receivers can't get open. They just need to get a little more aggressive.


This is what I think the Falcons should work on over the off-season. If they get these things down their game would really improve.


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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