February 20th, 2014

What QB Do You Want?




All are great QBs.  All made the playoffs.

We believe the transitive property applies here: you need a great QB to make the playoffs.
Lucky for the teams that did not make the playoffs, some pretty good QBs are available via free agency.
Can any of them be great? Which one do you want your team to get?


1. Michael Vick

2. Josh McCown


Both of these QBs have been successful starters in the NFL. Just a few years ago, Michael Vick threw for 21 TDs and rushed for another 9.  And Josh McKown(13 TDs, 66% completions) performed nearly flawlessly as fill-in starter for the Chicago Bears last season.


3. Josh Freeman

4. Chad Henne

5. Matt Cassel


These three have had their ups and down but when they're out.  Josh Freeman has serious upside, considering he threw 29TDs and 4064 yards in 2012.  


6. Shaun Hill

7. Matt Flynn

8. Kellen Clemens

9. Derek Anderson


Each has had a few truly memorable performances but have not had the consistency to be great.  Perhaps a change of scenery is just what they need?


10. Tim Tebow


Why not, right?


Which of these QBs will have the biggest impact on their new teams?

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