January 22nd, 2013

What Did You Think of the Divisional Playoffs?

I thought the divisional playoffs were interesting. My favorite team won the division but lost yesterday to the 49ers. They Falcons either way had a good season. They went 14-4 this season which is a good season.

They played well both games. When they played the Seahawks they stopped Russell Wilson's running game and stopped Marshawn Lynch running game. The second half the Falcons intensity went down so the Seahawks were slowly coming back and end up taking the lead. All thanks to Matt Bryant to kick a 49 yard field goal to win. Another player that helped was Julio Jones with his interception at the end.

A disappointment was the 49ers beat the Packers by 14 points. Everyone thought that the game would be closer, the Packers couldn't stop Colin Kaepernick. He had over 100 yards rushing and passing.

In conclusion, I think my team had a good season. Next year I hope to see the Falcons do the same but win and go to the Super Bowl. Even though the Falcons didn't win I plan to see a good Super Bowl this year. The Ravens and 49ers are two good teams and I can't wait until they play!



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