November 1st, 2012

What Are Your QB Power Rankings?

If I could do a quarterback power ranking, my #1 quarterback would be Matt Ryan. It's not because he's on my favorite team, but he has done really well this season. He has led his team to a 7-0 record right now.

He has 2,018 passing yards, he is rated a 103, and threw 17 touchdowns. These are really good stats to only play seven games. He also has major targets such as Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. They both been having a great season.

The person I would have in the bust would be Ryan Tannehill of Miami Dolphins. He has 1,472 yards, rated as 53 overall, and has 4 touchdowns. These aren't good stats for an NFL quarterback. The Miami Dolphins are 4-11 and that isn't a good record.

In conclusion, this is why I pick my top and my busts. If you compare both quarterback stats and record there's a big gap. I hope Matt Ryan keeps this style of play up and lead the Falcons to a good season.


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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