September 13th, 2013

Week Two: Ash's AFC Picks!

I am SOOOOOO excited for Antonio Brown and DeSean Jackson to be on the show on Sunday morning!  Be sure to watch Season of the Guardians at 11am EDT Sunday on Nicktoons.  And then watch a bunch of awesome football games and marvel at how great my picks below are!


Browns at Ravens

This hurts but I never go against a flying team at home!  Sorry Browns.

The Pick: Ravens


Panthers at Bills

Roar! I like the Panthers although the Bills will give them a game.

The Pick: Panthers


Titans at Texans

One six letter T team against another six letter T team...I'm picking a six letter T team.

The Pick: Texans


Dolphins at Colts

I love the new Dolphins logo but the Colts have all the Luck.

The Pick: Colts


Cowboys at Chiefs

I love the star on the Cowboys helmet.  Plus I think they are better than the Chiefs.

The Pick: Cowboys


Jaguars at Raiders

What happens when a Jaguar looks into a black hole?  It gets SCARED.  

The Pick:  Raiders


Steelers at Bengals

Here kitty, ktty, kitty!  The Bengals are in purrfect position to win this game.


The Pick: Bengals

Good luck, everyone!  Make sure you go pick the games!

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