December 30th, 2010

Week 16

Hi all you NFL Rushers! I can't believe the last week of the regular season is here. It went by so fast.


Since my Chargers are officially out of playoff contention, I think the best game in Week 16 was the New Orleans Saints at the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night. Both defenses were great, but the experience of Drew Brees was what won it for New Orleans. I loved how they zoomed in on Drew's eyes when he was looking for his receivers, and how he never blinked. Of course I like Jon Gruden, but think he will be back on the sidelines in the near future, wishing for the Chargers.


Wishing everyone out there a Happy New Year and hoping that this crazy weather doesn’t postpone any more games.


Kid Reporter Kody

Who wins the Super Bowl?

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