November 7th, 2012

Week 10 is Going Big


My upset alert is not going too well. I am 1-4 and I can't seem to pick anything right. I am going to start with something new; leave in the comments any changes you think I should make to my column. I am going to do some random picks like Upset of the Week, or Rookie of the Week, stuff like that. Give it up for Week 10!

Upset of the Week: Oakland Raiders over the Baltimore Ravens -- Carson Palmer is looking great, and I still think they can win with Darren McFadden out. The Ravens have been having problems, and the Raiders are playing well.

Rookie of the Week: Morris Claiborne -- With Michael Vick not playing well, look for him to have a big game, maybe with an interception or two.

Matchup of the Week: Texans vs. Bears -- This should be a good game, with two teams that can play defense, and are 7-1. I think whoever can shut down the other's offense completely will win.

Quarterback of the Week: Eli Manning -- Look for Eli Manning to go off on the Bengals. He will be mad from the game last week, and be firing all cylinders. Look for the Giants to get a win and Eli Manning to come out strong.

Bust of the Week: Brandon Marshall -- I think a good Texans secondary will shut him down this week. He will not have very many catches, or any touchdowns. He might be projected to do well, but the Texans are bringing him down.

Surprise of the Week: Josh Freeman -- Even though he is playing against a good Chargers team, look for him to explode this week. He will throw for 300+ yards and a few touchdowns.

Lock of the Week: New England Patriots -- They are playing a Bills team that just got creamed by the Texans, and they are well rested coming off a bye week.

What are your Week 10 picks?



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