April 18th, 2013

Weak Draft Class

This year, the 2013 NFL Draft is a week away. Compared to last year's class, this year's prospects are better at some positions and worse at others. This is my positional breakdown of this comparison:

Quarterback - This year, I think this class has a lot to live up to compared to last year. I do not think there is a QB in this draft that is as good as  Russell Wilson. However, I do believe Geno Smith will be solid. This class is talented, but not very deep. Winner- 2012 Draft Class

Running Back - The 2012 class had studs such asTrent Richardson, but it wasn't as deep. This year's class is the exact opposite. I also think Marcus Lattimore could be a major steal if a team will take a chance on him. Winner- 2012 Draft Class

Wide Receiver/Tight End- I think that the WR/TE class is very strong and deep this year. Last year, there were many late round steals, but the top talent didn't quite pan out. I think this is the case for this year, but this class is potentially better.  Winner- 2013 Draft Class


Linebacker - I am going to make this one simple. I think the best is in last year's class with Luke Kuechly. I think there aren't too many prospects this year with Manti Te'o leading the class. Winner- 2012 Draft Class

Linemen- I think this year is the year of the lineman with tons of first round picks and great prospects. Last year was more of a star position draft. Winner- 2013 Draft Class 

Cornerback/Safety- I think there is too much potential to go unnoticed in this draft. The 2012 Draft had many safeties/corners that did not pan out in the first round. Winner-2013 Draft Class

Overall Winner-2012 Draft

Thanks for reading my preview and comparison of the 2013 NFL Draft. Watch live in primetime on April 25 at 8PM Eastern Time.


Matthew H

Which draft has better talent?

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