September 27th, 2015

FLIP OUT! It's ... Game Day.
Ok that Cam Newton flipping TD last week was freak-a-licious.

Do you think anyone is going to top that this week? And don't say that you are going to top it when you flip onto the couch, while not spilling any of your popcorn, when you watch today's games. CAM NEWTON IS A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

You can, however, do a fist pump when set your NFL RUSH fantasy football lineup (even if you have not played fantasy football yet, you can start any time and get in on the fun).

And maybe you can do a spin -- a little spin -- after you make your Pick Em picks (you can still set up Pick Em leagues with your family and friends, if you want).

HAVE FUN watching NFL football today and DON'T DO ANYTHING TOO CRAZY.

Was Cam Newton's flipping touchdown awesome or totally awesome?

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