January 19th, 2014


The Seahawks v. San Francisco game will be one of the best games of the year. Both teams have GREAT defenses. I have liked the 49ers defensive line with the 'Smith Brothers' for a while. They have given a lot of teams trouble. For a quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is a one of the best in the game at getting the first down when you have to get it. The Seahawks also have good offense and can get the first down too.

Plus the game with Broncos v. Patriots will still be a really good game. I think that the Broncos will win that game because their offense is so good. It's because of the offense that the Broncos have gone this far. When they are in the middle of a game they will never give up on anything. Tom Brady the quarterback for the Patriots has still been pretty good this season, but still not as good as Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Broncos.

Who is the best quarterback still in the playoffs?

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