December 8th, 2012

User Comment of the Week: Watermelen58347

In our Why Aren't You Paying Attention to Bryce Brown article ths week, watermelen58347 commented and brought up a great point that we missed.  "Bryce brown is a beast being from the 7 round."  That's right, this rookie beast was drafted in the seventh round!  

His major crticism is his fumbling but since he's a rookie that is starting his first games in the middle of the season, I think we'll cut him some slack.  Over the last two weeks you would have wanted to have this guy in your fantasy lineup because he racked up 347 rushing yards and 4 TDs.  No RB in the league comes close to that over the last two weeks.  

Thanks for the comment, Watermelen58347!

Should Bryce Brown take over the Eagles run game for the future?

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