December 25th, 2009

It is important to understand how to position your hands to catch any pass regardless of where it is thrown. For a pass that is below your numbers or being caught over your shoulder, you need to have your little fingers touching with your palms up. For any pass coming at you above your numbers you need to have your thumbs together, fingers spread, and wrist cocked slightly back.


In all situations, you need to reach out with both hands so that you can see your hands and the ball at the moment of the catch.


With your hands in proper position, completely focus on the flight of the ball, seeing it into your hands and making the reception. You have to block out all distractions and ignore the defensive players.


Once the ball is in your hands, you need to immediately secure it in the arm away from the nearest defender and burst up field.


Your priorities must first be to make the reception, second to secure the ball, and lastly to gain yards and hopefully score.

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