December 30th, 2009

The ability of a quarterback to execute his responsibilities begins with proper footwork.


Whether it is a run or a pass, the quarterback must always be in the right position to make the play.  Improper steps can result in you not quite reaching the running back on a handoff and may lead to a loss of yardage for the offense. For all handoffs, it is the responsibility of the quarterback to get the football to the ball carrier. 


Any good play begins with a clean exchange between the center and quarterback and a good first step.  Often you see a quarterback get tripped up or stepped on by a lineman, which often leads to a sack or even a turnover.


Once you receive the snap, you must first seat the ball in your belly.  Keep your elbows close to your side as you carry the football.  Depending upon the play, your first step is a directional step with the foot closest to the hole. 


The first step is generally a short step that often sets up a longer second step as the ball is extended and handed off.

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