It is important that an inside linebacker be in a comfortable stance which allows him to move forward, back, right, and left with ease and quickness.  The stance needs to be balanced and one which gives the inside linebacker a good view of the offensive blockers in front of him and a look into the offensive backfield.


The starting point when getting into your inside linebacker stance is the breakdown position.  From this starting point, bring both arms up, elbows close to the side of your body.  The elbows should be bent so the palms of both hands are up facing forward, palms showing, and fingers spread. 


Similar to the breakdown position you must bend at their ankles, knees, hips and be on the balls of both feet. It is also important to play with a big chest, shoulders square and head and eyes up.  You should be looking over and through the offensive linemen into the offensive backfield.


Inside backers must expect blockers from straight ahead and from either side. You should be shuffling until you are ready to attack any ball carrier, or decide to drop back away from the line for pass coverage on any pass play.

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