July 8th, 2014

Truths & Lies:  A.J. Green

You probably know A.J. Green as the Pro Bowl wide receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals, but how well do you really know him?

Did you know he spends his free time building miniature robots in his underground laboratory?

You did not know that because it's not true! See how this game works?

Below are five super cool facts about A.J. Green, but one of them is as false as that robot stuff.

Think you can pick out the lie from the truths?

1. His initials A.J. stand for Adriel Jeremiah.

2. In elementary school he was on the juggling team. He claims that he could juggle as many as four items at once.

3. He and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling share the same birthday, July 31st.

4. He caught 1,031 yards as a rookie, surpassing Chad Johnson's franchise rookie receiving record.

5. He caught more passes (260) than any other player in NFL history during their first three seasons.

Who is the best WR in the AFC?

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