February 3rd, 2012

Transmissions from Radio Row

By Scholastic News Kid Reporter Grace Ybarra

Set up at the JW Marriott Hotel is Radio Row. It's the central hub for radio stations and television networks to broadcast from one area during Super Bowl week. It is really dazzling to see!


There were many important people wandering around Radio Row. I got to interview Don Crisman, a huge Patriot fan that has been to every Super Bowl since the beginning (even before it was called the Super Bowl). Don is also part of the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club” as seen in the Visa commercials that aired last year.


He explained the difficulties of finding tickets over the years and even his favorite moments.


“Well, actually the first 15 years was kind of easy,” Crisman said. “Then it became difficult...[But] then they wrote a story in the Super Bowl XXXIII program about guys who had never missed [a Super Bowl] and since then the NFL provides seats we can buy and we can sit together.”


I also talked with Super Bowl champion and former head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Brian Billick. He shared his favorite Super Bowl memory.


“I was really lucky in our Super Bowl [XXXV],” Billick said. “We kind of had control of the game in the fourth quarter, against the New York Giants, so it [was] kind of nice to know the game was sewed up. You could kind of sit back and take it all in. Because we had the game in hand early, it was kind of fun.”


Article courtesy of Scholastic News Kids Press Corps:


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