July 9th, 2015

Traditions Tourney - Cardinals vs. Rams

Which NFL team has THE best tradition???

All summer long we are creating match-ups for NFL team traditions, tournament style, and YOU get to vote for the winners.

Today's match-up: Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams

Cardinals Tradition: Rise Up, Red Sea! When they feel that their team is in need of a lift, Arizona Cardinals fans stand up, break out the rally towels, and make some noise. When a crowd of 60,000 passionate Cardinals fans gets things going, it's pretty awesome!

Rams Tradition: Can you do the "Bernie?" The "Bernie Dance" is performed by leaning one's head back and wobbling around with arms loosely at your sides. This fun little move is performed by the Rams star DE Robert Quinn every time he makes a sack!

The tradition with the most votes by next Monday shall be declared the winner and advance in the tournament.

Which tradition do you like better?