October 5th, 2010

Sue A. James, MS, RD, LDN

Football teams study and work hard to make a touchdown. Plan and prepare to make a Touchdown Meal! Here is the game plan:

1st Down - Start with a nutritious drink. Try water, skim milk, or fortified soy milk as a beverage choice. Limit the juices, sodas, and fruit punches during school and practices. Don’t get flagged for drinking a less nutritious beverage!

2nd Down – Select vitamin C and potassium rich fruits and vegetables every day. Carry an apple, orange, or pear for lunches and eat some applesauce with dinner as a nutritious fruit choice.  Vegetables that are easy to carry for lunch include celery, carrots, and broccoli. When it comes to dinner and eating vegetables, choose green beans, spinach, or kale. They are loaded with vitamin C!

3rd Down - Eat healthy grains.  Start with a breakfast that contains oatmeal or a whole grain bagel. Eat   100% whole wheat bread or wheat tortillas for a fiber filled lunch. Some great grains for dinner are brown rice, whole wheat pasta, corn, couscous, and quinoa. Taste a new grain to add variety.

4th and Goal- Protein adds the strength and power to reach the end zone.  Eat lean red meat, turkey, chicken, or fish at dinner.  The iron in protein will give an energy boost.

A Touchdown Meal includes a variety of foods. Plan and prepare to Score 7 today!

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