March 22nd, 2013

Touchdown Celebration

You have three choices in life; Give up, Give in or Don't give up until your'e in!


Hey fans, I know a lot of you are caught up in the "March Madness" but remember, the draft is coming up.....YAY!


With the upcoming season, I sure would like to see one change in the NFL rules. I think they need to bring back the "Touchdown Dance"--well, as long as it is not offensive. When these players run across that line, who wouldn't want to celebrate? With the adrenaline rush, the emotions running high, and the excitement of scoring…How can you contain that? Plus, if fans were asked, I believe they would love it too! I have watched old films of how the players had their special moments and thought how cool it was. As I said, as long as it is a fun and tasteful celebration dance....BRING IT BACK!! I play center but I still practice one!


Stay cool and keep in shape. Football will be back soon!




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