April 29th, 2012

Top Three Fantasy Picks for 2012

The top three players that are going to be on my starting 2012 NFL RUSH Fantasy roster are Cam Newton, Michael Vick and Calvin Johnson.


Cam Newton is going to do well because he is facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Carolina's first game of the season. The last two times he played them, he got a ton of points.


I think Michael Vick is going to be great because he runs and passes so well and the Cleveland Browns have a bad running and a bad passing defense.


My final choice is going to be wide receiver Calvin Johnson. I believe he is going to get at least two touchdowns because he is facing the St. Louis Rams. These are my top three fantasy picks of 2012.


Tell me who your top Fantasy picks will be in the comments!

NFLRush Kid Reporter

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