February 1st, 2015

Top 5 Indoor Super Bowl Games

Players gonna play, play, play, play.

Sure, the NFL players are going to play during the Super Bowl.

But what about you? You need to play, play, play too!

If you're like much of the country, it is mighty cold outside right now. And if you're lucky enough to be in a warm weather place, you are still likely to be watching the Super Bowl indoors.

So we've got our top 5 NFL PLAY 60 indoor games for you to play during the Super Bowl!

Jumping Jack Jubilation
Every time there's a score, jump to your feet and do one jumping jack for each point on the score board. Let's say the Seahawks score first with a field goal to make the score 3-0. You'd do three jumping jacks. If the Patriots respond with a TD to make it 7-3 you'd do 10 jumping jacks...and so on. If you're feeling really strong, substitute push-ups and see how long you can keep up.

One-Legged Commercial Countdown
Don't just sit there, stand up! Every time there's a game break for the awesome Super Bowl commercials, stand up! But here's the catch: stand on only one leg for the entire commercial break! Can you do it? The fun is in trying. You can also try switching legs for each commercial.

Punt the Crab
When one teams punts, it's crab-walk time! As the punt sails into the air, walk like a crab: hands and feet on the floor, stomach facing up. Crab-walk from one side of the room to the other!

Halftime Hop-Around
At halftime, when Katy Perry starts rockin', you start hoppin'! See if you can hop for a full song. There's still another half of football to go; aren't you hoppy?

Celebration Shimmy
After every quarterback sack and turnover, you get to show off your very own celebration dance! Jump right off the couch and show everyone your best moves for 30 seconds. Can't think of a dance? You can always do the crazy legs, funny face boogie. (We made that up, so good luck.)

Do you have other indoor PLAY 60 ideas? Tell them to us in comments!

What is your favorite super play idea