February 18th, 2014

Top 10 Free Agent RBs

They say the NFL has become a passing league.  Maybe it has, but guess what all of the best teams have?  That's right: great running backs.


The Super Bowl champion Seahawks have Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch.  The Broncos buck with Knowshon Moreno. The 49ers pound it with Frank Gore.  Even the Patriots had a pretty good stealth running game, with LaGarrette Blount busting out 166 yards and 4 TDs against the Colts in the playoffs.


Is your team one good RB away from making a serious run at the Super Bowl?  If so, here are the top free agents at whom they should be looking:


1. Ben Tate

2. Maurice Jones-Drew

3. Knowshon Moreno


Each of the RBs above are proven NFL play-makers.  After spending several seasons as Arian Foster’s back up, Ben Tate is the jewel of this year’s free agent RBs.   In his seven games as a starter last season, he rushed for 771 yards and scored 4 TDs.


Maurice Jones-Drew (8,071 career rushing yards, 79 career TDs) is likely headed to the Hall of Fame and is looking to play for a contender.  Knowshown Moreno (3,468 career rushing yards, 26 career TDs) is fresh off his best year as a pro. 


4. Andre Brown

5. LeGarrette Blount

6. Rashad Jennings


Andre Brown (492 rushing yards), LeGarrett Blount (772 rushing yards, 7 TDs) and Rashard Jennings (733 rushing yards, 6 TDs) have each displayed flashes of greatness in limited carries.  Can they be "the guy" for your team?  


7. Darren McFadden

8. Rashard Mendenhall

9. Donald Brown

10. Toby Gerhart 


Each of the final four players is only 26-years old, but they’ve had far different amounts of experience.   Both Darren McFadden(3,713 career rushing yards, 28 career TDs) and Rashard Mendenhall (3,549 career rushing yards 31 career TDs) have been features backs, while Donald Brown (537 rushing yards, 8 TDs) and Toby Gerhart (283 rushing yards, 2 TDs) have made their marks as back-ups. 


Who do you think is the best free-agent RB available?

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