February 1st, 2013

We started the day off by going to a very famous place in New Orleans called Cafe Du Monde. We had delicious beignets which are donuts covered in powdered sugar. Then we went to the NFL Experience. On the way there we saw this big Super Bowl boardwalk. I checked it out and I almost won a Maurice Jones Drew jersey. That was cool and then we headed over to the NFL Experience.
At the NFL Experience I threw, kicked, and caught so many footballs.  There were superstars like Barry Sanders signing autographs and there was an awesome NFL film with highlights from the season. 
They had a whole section devoted to NFL RUSH ZONE with tons of Rusherz and fun things to do.  I got the new NFL RUSH ZONE comic book and it is really great.
There was memorabilia everywhere. I saw Super Bowl rings, pictures about different eras of the NFL, and a section on player safety. Did you now that 1961 there was a new rule that you couldn't touch another players face-mask and that rule still stands today? 
The NFL Experience was super cool!!!!!!!

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