February 2nd, 2011

Toiling Upside Down
Two very important players hope their names don't get mentioned during the Super Bowl -- Brett Goode of the Packers and Greg Warren of the Steelers.

They're long snappers. It's their job to get the ball to the punter, or the place kick holder, perfectly and quickly. And if they don't -- well, then that's when everybody will learn their names!

Greg Warren is a NFL veteran and has been the Steelers long snapper since 2005. Brett Goode's only been in the league three years, but he recently signed a two-year extension with Green Bay for $1.6M. If that sounds like a lot of money for throwing a ball backwards between your legs, you should know that the best long snappers can throw it over 50 miles an hour!

Oh yeah, and while you're essentially upside down, looking back between your legs, someone much bigger than you is going to run into you as hard as he can.

These unheralded players are incredibly important to their teams.

Watch the game on Sunday, hopefully for these two players, they won't become famous because of a mistake made in Super Bowl XLV!

Who's your pick - Goode or Warren?

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