November 26th, 2007

Today In NFL History: November 26 1989

Willie Anderson

There are breakout performances and then there are BREAKOUT performances. On November 26th 1989, Willie "Flipper" Anderson had a career day. On that day, in just his second season with the St. Louis Rams, Anderson would solidify his role with his team and within the NFL history books.

He set the NFL record for receiving yards in one game with a mind-boggling 336! Prior to that game, Flipper's highest yardage in one NFL game was just 112. However, on that November day Flipper Anderson could not be stopped. He lit up the Saints secondary with catch after catch after catch, tallying 15 catches in all. Flipper's biggest catch came in overtime when he caught a 26-yard pass that would set up the game winning field goal for the Rams.

The Rams' top receiver, Henry Ellard, was not able to play in the game because of an injury and wow, did Flipper fill in nicely that day. Flipper Anderson's performance on that day in St. Louis was truly one of the greatest in NFL History. Now let's see if someone can break Flipper's record.

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