Throwback Thursday - George Blanda

Don't let the nickname “Grand Old Man” fool you. You need to know about George Blanda. 


George Blanda was cool in many ways.  First, he played two positions: quarterback and kicker.  Picture Tom Brady lining up to kick field goals, it would never happen.  But George Blanda did it.


Second, Blanda played 26 seasons of professional football, the most in NFL history.  26 seasons! He is one of only three players ever to play in four different decades.


Third, he scored more points than anyone in history at the time of his retirement, and he still holds the record for most extra points kicked. In 1961 he set the single season record with 36 TDs (broken by Dan Marino's 48 touchdown passes in 1984).  


In 1967 Blanda joined the Oakland Raiders.  During his storied Raider career he not only kicked many game-winning FGs, but also threw several game-winning TD passes.


On January 4, 1976, he played his final game at age 48, where he kicked a 41-yard field goal and made one extra point as the Raiders lost to the Steelers 16–10.


George Blanda was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1981.


What was happening in 1976?

The United States of America celebrated it bicentennial.


Gas cost $0.59 a gallon


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple Computer Company.


NASA unveiled its first space shuttle, the Enterprise.


Bread cost $0.30 a loaf.


Popular Films:  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, All the President's Men, and Rocky.


Popular Music:  Bay City Rollers, Queen, Diana Ross and Elton John.

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