February 16th, 2012

Three Things: Patriots Need an Upgrade

The New England Patriots came within one lucky bounce from being this year's Super Bowl Champions. We're wondering what top areas the Patriots should address in order to both make it to the Super Bowl and come home victorious.


1. Upgrade the Pass Defense
Sure they improved in the Playoffs, but there's just no way around the fact that they have one of worst pass defenses in the NFL. If they are going to stay among the elite teams in the league this needs to be corrected. Look for them to spend a top draft pick on a top-level DB, maybe even more than one.


2. Add a Deep Threat
There's no denying that the Patriots have an amazing duo at TE, but this doesn't obscure the need for a speed-burner at WR who can stretch the field. If they were to add the ability to score from anywhere on the field they would be a nightmare to defend.


3. Develop a Legitimate Running Game
QB Tom Brady just can't be expected to do it all on his own. The Giants RB tandem gave a perfect example of how important it is to be able to run the ball. It keeps the defense honest, helps control the clock and takes some of the pressure off of Brady's shoulders. Could a free agent RB be a part of the Patriots off-season plans? We'd say, yes!


What's the biggest need for the Patriots?

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