December 10th, 2009

The Saints Are Awesome But Jared Loves the Chargers!!

The Chargers played the Browns last Sunday and the Chargers won! Dallas is the next in line for the Chargers to beat! The Chargers have had a seven game winning streak, and this week is not the week they are going to lose. This winning streak has put them ahead of the Patriots and tied with the Bengals in the AFC. The Chargers record is 9-3.

I can't believe that the Saints have gone undefeated for thirteen weeks! The Saints came out of the blue to pull off twelve victories! They have come back in the fourth quarter the most times this season in the whole NFL. The key to their wins are their Special Teams and Defense. The Special Teams and Defense have exploded since the start of the season! Drew Brees and Reggie Bush like always are great players, but this season they have "marched" their way to an almost perfect season! I think that the Saints will stay undefeated for the season!


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San Diego Chargers

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