December 14th, 2011

The Rush 5 - Jahvid Best

Lions running back Jahvid Best was recently in the NFLRush Zone to chat with fans!  We couldn't let him come visit without asking him the Rush 5! The Rush 5 are the 5 questions that NFLRush and NFLRush Zone users said they want answered the most. Here are our questions and his answers.

Torgogog: What’s your favorite meal? 

Jahvid Best: Anything with shrimp.

Torgogog: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Jahvid Best: My football hero is Priest Holmes.

Torgogog: What is your favorite Pizza Topping?

Jahvid Best: Just plain old cheese!

Torgogog: Which stadium has the loudest fans?

Jahvid Best: The Detroit Lions have the loudest fans!

Torgogog: What is your greatest NFL moment?

Jahvid Best: Just getting drafted was a big deal for me.

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