August 25th, 2014

The Patriots Will Win Super Bowl XLIX

What? You didn't like our previous choices (Lions, Eagles, Colts, Chiefs, Saints) to win this year's Super Bowl?

Fine. We're done playing around.

This time we're choosing a winner of Super Bowl XLIX that should get ZERO complaints: the New England Patriots!

Why the Patriots? Because they are the only team that has TOM BRADY! Tom is a pretty darn good QB and he's hungry for another Super Bowl.

Need another reason? Head coach Bill Belichek. The man is a genius when it comes to football and it would be a big mistake to pick against a genius!

There are plenty of others reasons to think that the Patriots will run the table this year, including Darrelle Revis, rookie Dominique Easley, and an improved offensive line.

Will the Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX?

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