January 9th, 2013

The Madden Curse Broken

After years of the Madden Curse's terrifying reign, its streak has finally come to an end. In a disappointing 4-12 ending for his team, Detroit Lions elite wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, has not only had a terrific season the year he was voted onto the cover of Madden, but he has also broken Jerry Rice's single season receiving yards record. Making a name for himself, Johnson has added to the record books.


Johnson, also known as Megatron, was out for a few plays after getting hit in the head, but returned shortly after. Unfortunately, he also suffered a minor knee injury that bothered him the majority of the year later on and once missed a whole week of practice. However, that next week against the Jacksonville Jaguars he almost reached the 200 receiving yards mark. He may have suffered a few injuries early, but Megatron did not let it stop him.


Calvin Johnson will go down in history most well-known for breaking Jerry Rice's single season receiving yards record, but he completed several other accomplishments in his team's unfortunate 2012 year. The NFL record for most consecutive 100 receiving yard games also belongs to Johnson. Megatron holds the record for most consecutive games with ten or more reception. NFL Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin, ties Johnson for the most 100 receiving yard games in a single season.


Calvin Johnson is the most athletic, amazing, spectacular and the best wide receiver that plays in the NFL right now to say the least.



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Is Calvin Johnson the best wide receiver in the NFL currently?

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