January 19th, 2013

The Keys to the Conference Championships

This week, not only will we give you sure-fire winners in the games, we’ll also predict the key events for this week's slate of games.


AFC Championship Keys: Ravens at Patriots



For the Ravens to Win:


  • Ray Lewis and the Ravens D need to bring pressure on Brady.
  • QB Joe Flacco needs to exploit the Patriots secondary with the deep ball.
  • NO turnovers.  They cannot give Brady a short field.


For the Patriots to Win:


  • QB Tom Brady must spread the ball around to keep the Ravens off-balance
  • Force Flacco into making mistakes then capitalize on those mistakes.
  • Avoid the special teams mistakes.


NFC Championship Keys: 49ers at Falcons


For the 49ers to Win:


  • Unleash the power of Kaepernick's fleet feet and rocket arm.
  • Flex their muscles and dominate the offensive and defensive lines.
  • Win the field position battle by limiting turnovers and limiting big plays.


For the Falcons to Win


  • Falcons big three (Ryan, White and Jones) need big games. The deep pass is there.
  • Feed off the crowd's energy, they always play better at home.
  • Avoid costly fumbles and don't let up when they have a lead.




  • Ravens over the Patriots (Upset Special!)
  • 49ers over the Falcons


Last Week:                 1-2

Season Record:          34-6

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