July 31st, 2014

The Colts Will Win Super Bowl XLIX

Last week we made the bold proclamation that the Detroit Lions would win Super Bowl XLIX and a lot of you suggested we were crazy.

Well, we're just crazy enough to do it again! This week we're picking...

The Indianapolis Colts! Yep! Can you feel us now?

Indianapolis Colts - 2013 Record: 11-5
After one of the most amazing comebacks in NFL Playoff history, the Colts fell just short of making it to last year's Super Bowl.

This year it will be different. This year will be the year that the Colts gallop all the way to the title!

Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the AFC, not named Peyton Manning, and he's just getting better and better. WR Reggie Wayne and TE Dwayne Allen are both healthy and, if that wasn't enough,the Colts signed WR Hakeem Nicks to go alongside the speedy WR T.Y. Hilton.

Not to mention RB Trent Richardson is ready to show what he can do this year. Can you say loaded?

Are we horribly wrong or totally right?

Will the Colts win Super Bowl XLIX?

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