October 9th, 2011

The Biggest Surprise This Season

The biggest surprise so far this year is the performance of Cam Newton and the Panthers. The Panthers are actually making progress from last season when they weren't playing nearly as well. Cam Newton has been leading his team to victories and picking them up when they think they're going to lose.


Cam Newton is also a surprise this season. People were predicting that Newton wasn't going to be able to play as well as he did in college, but they were wrong. Newton was the starter in Week 1, he broke the rookie record for the most passing yards in a game, and has taken the Panthers out of their slump.


Cam Newton has 1,386 yards and has five touchdowns with a QB Rating of 84.5, and he is only a rookie! I personally thought Cam Newton was going to be good right away.


Cam Newton and the Panthers should make it to the Playoffs this year. I think Cam Newton and the Panthers have been the biggest surprise of the season so far.


NFL Rush Kids Reporter,


Peyton Ringer

Do you think Cam Newton will win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award this season?

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