May 23rd, 2014

The Best Wide Receiver

Do you know who the best wide receiver was in this year's draft? Sammy Watkins, of course. And guess what, he happens to be on my favorite team.

Sammy Watkins was drafted in the first round by the Buffalo Bills, who moved up to pick #4 to get him. They traded their 9th pick in the first round of this year, and next year's 1st and 4th round picks as well. In college, he was a star wide receiver at Clemson University. With the trades that they made they must think he will do a lot for their offense, and I agree with them.

Sammy is 6 foot 1 inch and weighs about 211 pounds, and ran very fast at the combine, running the 40 yard dash in 4.43 seconds. The rumor is, that Sammy is compared to Julio Jones and AJ Green. I don't think he will be quite that good in his rookie year, but he should improve by his second year. In three or four years, I think he will be able to play to the greatness level of Julio and AJ. That would mean he is a pro bowl player, and that would be great for my Buffalo Bills.

With the strength of Sammy Watkins, the Bills have a shot to get to the playoffs, and end one of the longest streaks of not making the playoffs. I have my fingers crossed, and am hoping.


Who do you think the strongest player the Bills drafted is?

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