May 16th, 2013

The Atlanta Falcons Receiving Core:  The NFL's Greatest

It was a very tough decision, but the team with the best receiving core is the Atlanta Falcons. It all came down to the Falcons and the Broncos. It would be even if we took Roddy White and Julio Jones vs. Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker. However, when it came down to Tony Gonzalez and Harry Douglas vs. Eric Decker and Jacob Tamme, it is a whole new story. I am not a Harry Douglas fan, but Tony Gonzalez is the best tight end to ever step on the grid iron. Therefore, the Falcons have the best receiving core!

Roddy White and Julio Jones together have the potential to have 3,000 receiving yards. And, if you throw in Tony Gonzalez, Harry Douglas, and Jaquizz Rodgers catching passes from Matt Ryan, they become unstoppable!

Many teams have great receiving core, but the Falcons' is the best.


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