Tedy Bruschi Honored

Former New England Patriots linebacker and Patriots Hall of Famer Tedy Bruschi speaks during a halftime ceremony at the Patriots game against the New York Jets. To his right is Patriots owner Robert Kraft. 

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  • Denver Broncos

    September 15, 2013

    soccerhusky24 · draftee

    he was a good player before he retired early. go ravens

  • Cleveland Browns

    September 15, 2013

    awesmy · practice squad

    what exactly did he say?

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    September 15, 2013

    mrhockeypantz · rookie

    Yeah he was the one that was drafted in the Third Round of 1996. That's really cool that he talked at that game.

  • Kansas City Chiefs

    September 14, 2013

    ronnyhoy123 · draftee


  • New England Patriots

    September 14, 2013

    weswelkwer2 · draftee


  • New England Patriots

    September 13, 2013

    jam128381 · rookie