December 8th, 2011

Tebow -- A Very Good Thing for the Broncos

From The Swamp, to Mile High Stadium, to a different shade of blue and orange, there's one man that fits this description best. He's had a target on his back ever since his college days, but in spite of his critics (who attack everything from his throwing motion to his relationship status) he's managed to succeed at every level.


As you've probably figured out, I'm talking about Tim Tebow. There have been so many great moments this season in the NFL, but one of my favorites is Tebow's 1st start against the Miami Dolphins.


At first, his critics seemed to be some of the most foresighted people in the business, but they forgot to account for one thing: no matter where, who, and when, Tebow is a flat-out winner. Leading his team from 15 down, he displayed leadership qualities reminiscent of Joe Montana or Dan Marino.


Now, Tebow has propelled the once-woesome Broncos into a tie for the AFC West due to his 6-1 record as a starter. Even more impressive is his composure under the constant barrage of questions about his Christian faith, about which he is more open than almost any other athlete. Whether or not you believe in his moral standard of conduct and beliefs, his boldness and confidence are to be admired.

Will the Broncos win the AFC West

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