October 3rd, 2012

Kid Reporter Sounds Off About Tim Tebow and Andre Brown

I think Tim Tebow should start for the New York Jets this week against the Houston Texans. Mark Sanchez is not cutting it, and Tebow just needs a chance. Tim is hungry to get out there and just play. Even though he is not the greatest thrower, he is a winner. I think the fact that he is a threat both in throwing and running is scary for some defenses. Give the man a chance!

I also think that Andre Brown of the New York Giants deserves more of a chance. He did not get as much as I thought he should have after the game he had against the Carolina Panthers. He ran all over a defense that isn't terrible, and ran hard all game. Ahmad Bradshaw did well after his injury, but I think Andre Brown deserves a chance to compete for a chance to split carries with Ahmad.



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