October 11th, 2012

Tebow or Sanchez? How About...Neither

The New York Jets have a decision to make with the quarterback position. This battle is between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.


In my opinion Tim Tebow should not be the starter for these reasons:

1) He has decent legs, but cannot throw.

2) His head is who knows where and he doesn't read coverages well.

3) He just hasn't proven him self. Unless you count what he did last year against the Steelers who have a week secondary.

4) He will have to deal with the fact that he will be number 1.5 on the depth chart his whole career unless he proves otherwise. Never the starter but never on the bench for the whole game.


Now here my reasons for not liking Sanchez.

1) He is SO inaccurate.

2) His head is also messed up.

3) He, like Tebow, has not proven him self.

4) He always makes the wrong throw at the wrong time.

5) He has ball handling issues.


So that pretty much sums up why neither of these quarterbacks are suitable for me. For right now I think that the Jets should stick with Mark Sanchez because of experience, and his skill level is slightly higher.


Now let's talk about what I think the Jets should do for the sake of their future: trade Tebow and Sanchez for an early pick and draft someone like AJ McCarron or Aaron Murray. Make him their starting quarterback and make Greg McElroy their second string. Over all, these simple steps should help the Jets' future.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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