February 19th, 2013

Teams that Would be the Best Fit for Tim Tebow

After leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and an overtime victory, Tim Tebow became one of the most popular players in the NFL in 2011. That offseason, John Elway, the Broncos owner, wanted another quarterback instead of Tim Tebow. He successfully attempted to sign quarterback Peyton Manning, who was coming off neck surgery. Later, Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for a low draft pick. While the Broncos had a 13-3 season with Manning under center, the Jets rarely played Tebow, and missed the playoffs for a second-straight year. Now the Jets do not want Tebow, so they will likely cut him this offseason. Here are the teams that I think are the best suitors for Tebow.

1. Kansas City Chiefs
After a 2-14 season, the Kansas City Chiefs are in rebuilding mode, and new coach Andy Reid is searching for a new quarterback. Since the quarterbacks in this year's NFL Draft are not worthy of a top pick, the Chiefs can enhance their roster with other players, and then get Tebow for a low price. This could be a great move for the Chiefs, who have enough talent for Tebow to be successful quickly.

2. Arizona Cardinals
Like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals are in need of a quarterback for the future. Tim Tebow would be a perfect fit for the Cardinals, who have wide receivers Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald, but have a weak running game. Tebow is a reliable runner and has proven that he can make big plays at big times. Tebow is the spark the Cardinals need to be contenders in the NFC West.

3. Buffalo Bills
After the Bills signed Mario Williams, a star defensive end/linebacker, it seemed like a playoff spot was near. While running back CJ Spiller did exceptionally well, the rest of the team played poorly, and the Bills finished 2012 with a 6-10 season. Like the Chiefs and Cardinals, the Bills have a high draft pick, but they should not use it on a quarterback. Instead of getting a quarterback, they should fill some of their other needs like wide receiver and then get Tebow. With Tebow, the Bills can challenge the Patriots for the division crown.

If a team wants an exceptionally skilled quarterback and also wants to add other talented players, they should get Tebow.



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Which team would be best for Tim Tebow?

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