October 26th, 2012

Team Leaders

The quarterback is the leader of the team. I will give a grade to my top ten and tell why I think they are where they are ranked.

1. Tom Brady A: Dude wins and puts out the stats. Plain and Simple.
2. Drew Brees A: Has a Super Bowl and puts up huge stats.
3. Aaron Rodgers A- : A defenses' worst nightmare.
4. Peyton Manning  A- : Needs to beat a good team, but great QB.
5. Eli Manning  A- : Finds a way to be clutch and comeback.
6. Ben Roethlisberger A- : Very tough, and is a winner.
7. Matt Schaub B+ : Great game manager, needs a ring to be elite.
8. Matt Ryan B+ : Just like Shaub, needs to prove himself but puts up greats stats.
9. Joe Flacco B: Needs to be more consistent, but if he can win a Super Bowl he'll move up.
10. RGIII B: The sky is the limit for this rookie.

Other quarterbacks that just missed the cut were: Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, Jay Cutler, Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers. These are the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Leave in the comments what you think I should have done differently, or your own rankings.



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