February 14th, 2013

My 4 days at the Hall of Game Awards were very fun.  The first night there I met a new friend, his name is Matthew.  We played together a lot during the weekend. 


Friday, my mom and I went to the Santa Monica Pier.  We had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp.  The restaurant was really cool and fun.  We went to the arcade and the carousal after lunch.  We played skeeball, fruit ninja and the shooting gallery at the arcade.  We rode the carousal and I rode on the bunny. The carousal was really old but kind of cool.


We then went to the Viceroy Hotel where Cartoon Network was staying. The Viceroy had the kids lounge with two racing machines, a Wii, an Xbox 360 Kinect and lots of food.  My favorite food was the celery with ranch dressing.  I hung out with Matthew and Connor in the kids lounge.  Connor and my mom raced each other on the car racing game.  I found out Connor was the winner of the Sports Illustrated Kid of the Year. There was a Welcome party that night. Matthew and I collected balloons all night long. There was lots of food and games. Me and Matthew played a dart game, a boxing game and a ring toss game.  Matthew’s mom told my mom that Matthew was doing a Jump Rope for heart on Friday and said he was going to do it in honor of me!


Saturday, we went to the Hall of Game Awards!  A limo came and picked us up.  The drivers was very nice, his name was Jaime.  Jaime said he would donate money to the 5K race I am going to do for my heart hospital.  He was cool.


The Hall of Game Awards was fun.  Guess who won Narliest Newcomber?  RGIII! Go Redskins! HTTR that means Hail to the Redskins!  Ray Lewis won the dance machine award.  The mascots were messing with me and taking off my hat that I was wearing.  Lou Seal took off his really really big hat and put on my hat and put his on me.  The hat was really big!!!  Everybody laughed, it was funny.  Nick Cannon and Shaquille O’Neil  hosted the awards.  My favorite part with them was when they were saying “Alti-Dude”.  Anytime Nick Cannon said it they would go up in the air!


After the awards there was an after party.  I hung out with my friend Matthew.  I played this one ball game that you had to try to knock off the person off a platform with the big ball.  Jacoby Jones was there too.  He is from the Ravens. He made the 108 yard touchdown at the Super Bowl.  I told him that I ran the ball out to the official to start the SuperBowl and he said that’s why we won!  Later we did the Ray Lewis dance together.  We also played Nerf fire strike together with Connor.  We bet Jacoby Jones that if he couldn’t make the basket he would have to do 25 push ups and if he made it we would have to do 25 push ups. He missed it on accident and he did 25 push ups!  I also saw Shaq and got his autograph.


The next day we went home.  Our plane ride took a long time. We got home around 1:00 in the morning. I couldn’t wait until the next day to tell my friends all that I did.


That was my 4 days in California at the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


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