February 4th, 2010


Hi NFL Rushers!

Hope everyone is enjoying this final week of football. I am looking forward to Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday. I think and hope that the New Orleans Saints can pull an upset and win. I think it will be a high scoring and close game with the Saints winning 45-42.

I believe the Saints emtionally want a win more. Not only for the teams but for the whole city of New Orleans and State of Louisana.

The defense of the Colts could be hurt if Dwight Freeney is not able to play. The Saints  defense has really stepped it up and could give Peyton Manning fits and maybe throw a couple of interceptions, kind of like what they did to Brett Favre.

The running game I say goes to a plus for the Saints. Reggie Bush can do it all and throw in Pierre Thomas and the all star receivers, there is alot of yards after catch.

Both Quarterbacks are for sure Hall of Famers and pretty much equal in all areas. I just think that this is Drew Brees time and this will reflect in his play and his leadership on the field.

I do believe that the team with the ball last will be the winning team. The Saints kicker, Garrett Hartley has the confidence to kick a game winning Field Goal with 2 seconds remaining. You NEVER want to give Peyton Manning anytime in the 4th quarter when he is behind, he can move them down field in a matter of 30 seconds.

I think it will be a great game and a fun one to watch and the best team will win.

The Pro Bowl was fun to watch, the players were a little relaxed and really enjoyed it. Of course I love watching my Chargers Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson. I was really impressed on the Houston Texans doe of Matt Schuab and Andre Johnson, they will be something special next year. I don't like the Pro Bowl held the week before the Super Bowl because none of the players from Super Bowl teams get to play, I do like it in the same city as the Super Bowl but I bet all the players miss the great trip to Hawaii.

Looking forward only a couple months til the draft and then before you know it we will be doing this again. It has been fun. Enjoy the game.


Kid Reporter Kody

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