November 18th, 2010

Get ready for Super Bowl XLV and a half! Although this makes no mathematical sense, the meaning is clear: two of the great teams in the AFC are coming together in the Patriots vs. Colts matchup.This looks to be the best game of the week! Let's preview both teams:


New England has the most productive offense in the NFL in terms of points scored, averaging 29 points per game. Their defense is ranked 24th in points allowed. If the Patriots defense can hold off the Indy offense, then they win.


Indy scores 27 points per game, but their defense is ranked 11th in points allowed. If the Colts defense can get pressure on the New England offense, then the Colts will win.


I pick. . . New England to win this game 28-24.


Who do you think will win? Shout and tell me what you think!

Super Bowl XLIV

Who do you want for your fantasy QB?

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