December 31st, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Many people have family traditions at the holiday time. Many of my family's holiday traditions involve football. We always watch football on Thanksgiving, or have family parties when our favorite team, the Texans, go to the playoffs. We watch the playoff games together.


The one tradition that has been in my family since I was 3 or 4 is Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone goes over to my grandmother's house for dinner, and we watch the Super Bowl. We throw the football, or play Super Bowl squares for prizes. The boys offer expert advice, while the girls watch the commercials (that are pretty entertaining). Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite holiday football tradition, what is yours!?!

Speaking of the Super Bowl, who is going to play? There are many good teams playing in the playoffs, and will slug it out to become the champions of the world. Here are my predictions:

WC: 3) Patriots defeat 6) Bengals/ 5)Colts defeat 4)Ravens
Divisional: 1) Texans defeat 5) Colts/ 3) Patriots defeat 2) Broncos
Conference: 1) Texans defeat 3) Patriots

WC: 3 )49ers defeat 6) Bears/ 5) Seahawks defeat 4) Redskins
Divisional: 5) Seahawks defeat 1) Falcons/ 3) 49ers defeat 2) Packers
Conference: 3) 49ers defeat 5) Seahawks

Super Bowl Preview:
Now you know NFLRushers, I think the Texans will play the 49ers in the Championship game. It is a fantasy, but reasonable. I think in that game, both defenses would be tough and it would be a close call. Aldon Smith and J.J. Watt would give both offensive lines trouble. I think whoever had the better offense that day would win. It will be interesting to follow the playoffs, to see who battles it out for the title of World Champion.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

Who would win a super bowl matchup between the 49ers and Texans?

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