February 1st, 2014

Super Bowl Predictions

It's that time of year again. Every football fan in the world gathers to watch the greatest sporting spectacle on earth, the Super Bowl. However even before the game is played, everyone has an opinion on who is going to win, and I am no stranger to this. I'm ready to voice my opinion on who I think will win Super Bowl XLVIII and why.

So who do I think is going to win? It is certainly hard to say but I am going to say the Seattle Seahawks. There are many reasons also to argue why the Broncos will win, but if you think outside of football terms, I think the Seahawks have a huge advantage in this game because of the weather. Now I know many of you might me groaning at the fact that I am mentioning this but it is in fact a very big factor. The old theory states that Peyton Manning cannot play in the elements. Whether you choose to believe or not is your opinion but all past evidence points to this theory being true. Think back to games against the Patriots in the past, the Ravens just a year ago, you name it. When it has come time for Peyton to play in big games, in the elements, he has failed to perform. This weekend, it's certainly looking like it will be one of those games.

So here's my bold prediction: the Seahawks' league best defense will come out strong and set the tone. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and the rest of the Hawks' stellar defense will shut down the Broncos receivers (not to mention it will be very difficult to throw the ball in the possible snow), forcing them to go to the ground where the Seahawks run defense, led by Chris Clemons will force turnovers. From there Beast Mode will tear up the Broncos D for 100+ yards and 2 TDs and be Super Bowl MVP.

Do you guys have different opinions? I'm sure you do so drop a vote on who you think is going to take it, and let me know why in the comments!



Who will win the big game?