Super Bowl or Bust

The Houston Texans, my favorite team, are predicted to do well this year! This is my game-by-game prediction of the Texans:


- They should beat the Miami Dolphins pretty easily, and then Jacksonville Jaguars, putting them at 2-0.
- The Denver Broncos could be a tough team this year, but I think the Texans will win that game.
- They should blow past the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets.
- I think two problems for the Texans will be the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers -- I think both teams will beat the Texans.
- The Texans should beat both the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears, and roll past Jacksonville again, making them 8-2.
- The Texans will lose their games against the Detroit Lions and the New England Patriots, but then win all the rest of their games, making them 12-4.
- They will have a division game against the Ravens, and should win the rematch.
- Then the next problem is the Patriots. If the Texans beat them, they can not be stopped and will win the Super Bowl.

It is Super Bowl or bust for the Houston Texans this year!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


What is your win projection for the Texans this year?

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