November 5th, 2012

Super Awesome Vortex of Upside-Down Awesomeness

A week ago, I was at my friend's house. I am just watching TV when Vick Ballard catches a screen pass. He gets a block and races toward the end zone. He jumped and spun upside down in a vortex type motion. He extended the ball, while upside down and dove into the end zone. At first the referees didn't know what to call it, but after review, it was a touchdown. It was an epic super awesome vortex of upside down awesomeness!

My other favorite play this year was the birth of J.J. Swatt. Against the Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill dropped back to pass. J.J. Watt was there, and as the ball was released from his hand, he violently swatted the ball. Brian Cushing jumped up and jumped higher than all the other Dolphins and caught the ball. I was going crazy in my living room because we had sealed the game. (I am a Texans fan) This was the birth of J.J. Swatt, and the start to a great season.


These were my two favorite plays so far at the midpoint of the year. What was your favorite play of the year?



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