September 14th, 2012

Steelers Lose Season Opener to the Broncos

A loss to the Denver Broncos is not what I had visioned for the Pittsburgh Steelers' season opener. Having lost to the Broncos last year in Mile High Stadium during a playoff game, I was hoping for a different result. But it's only the first game and there are plenty of great weeks left for Steelers football!

The highlight of the game goes to quarterback Big Ben, who looked sharp as ever with some accurate throws and back field scrambling. Tight end Heath Miller had some crucial
catches for first downs.


The lowpoint of the game was an interception by Tracy Porter that was ran back for a touchdown. That play ended the Steelers' hopes for a victory.

The Steelers' defense I felt was sub par. They had a lot of blown coverages and at times looked confused. With an injury to linebacker James Harrison, we could have used his play making.

I am confident that the Steelers will rebound for this week's game against the Jets, as they will not start off 0-2!



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